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Ricki Lewis is a science writer with a PhD in genetics. The author of several textbooks and... more »
posted 11/06/12
Most of the media missed the genetic glitch in the latest search for the elusive G-spot. An... more »
posted 04/27/12
Correcting a genetic defect before birth sounds like a great idea, but I'm uncomfortable with how... more »
posted 11/06/11

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Posted by rickilewis | Wednesday, 2012-06-06, 17:19
Sigh. I learned all of the above in hospice volunteer training in 2005. Sometimes the simplest...
Posted by rickilewis | Thursday, 2011-10-06, 16:55
Sounds great, congrats! I just ordered it, and answered that very critical reviewer on
Posted by rickilewis | Wednesday, 2011-06-22, 18:09
Although I blog now, I resented it for quite awhile. Up until about 2005, I had enjoyed 25 years...