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I wanted to help my readers understand where the health reform law's Prevention Fund dollars were... more »
posted 07/08/12
Over the weekend, I took a long look at what the health-reform law does to address a looming... more »
posted 02/15/12
If communities build access to healthy foods, will residents come? The evidence is mixed. more »
posted 07/26/11

Sarah Kliff's Work

Karyn Johnson has a daunting task: getting the 31,265 smokers in Worcester, Massachusetts to quit. Back in the early 2000s, five full-time staff members worked on smoking cessation in Worcester.

Philadelphia has the highest obesity rate and poorest population of America’s big cities. It also has an ambitious plan to put healthy food on every table.

Journalist Sarah Kliff looks at the monumental task of bringing enough primary care doctors online by 2015 — a key factor in health reform's success.