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When reporter S.E. Ruckman set out to tell the story of how the ACA rollout was faring among... more »
posted 03/29/15
There is a saying bouncing around regional Indian country right now. It goes: When the wrong... more »
posted 07/15/14
Imagine living in communities that defy social definition. This is Indian country, where our... more »
posted 07/06/14

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Despite living in a state where Medicaid was not expanded, Oklahoma’s 38 federally recognized tribes have found a way to state tribal liaison Sally Carter. And she has found her way to them.

A one-time resident of Arizona, Stephanie Big Crow and her family now make their lives in Kenai, Alaska, 156 miles southwest of Anchorage. She is also one of the several thousand American Indians who have enrolled in federal health insurance paved by the Affordable Care Act.

At a Navajo Reservation community in Chinle, Arizona, 734 have enrolled and nearly 20,000 residents have been provided with Affordable Care Act (ACA) information, local health officials said. The potential for enrollment here could make Chinle ground zero for ACA recruitment in Indian country.