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Though blogging and social media have been around for some time now, some people still argue that... more »
posted 04/21/11
Health Dialogues, a special series from KQED Public Radio exploring California health care issues... more »
posted 05/20/10
I recently produced a web-only interactive story about a San Francisco-based artist's quest for a... more »
posted 03/22/10

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Posted by Shuka | Monday, 2010-10-04, 14:45
I wanted to add one more note: I make most of my contacts health journalism conferences. Ie: I...
Posted by Shuka | Wednesday, 2010-02-03, 16:11
Baffling... Thank you for making this known to the public!

Shuka Kalantari's Work

KQED's Health Dialogues looks at the low rates of prenatal care for Native American women in California, and why it is hard to change the numbers. Reporter: Shuka Kalantari

Disabled and elderly people originally admitted to the U.S. as refugees could lose federal cash assistance today. Under a new law, they have to be American citizens in order to receive some benefits.

For people like 86-year-old Philippe Kaninda, who doesn't speak English and suffers from dementia, passing the citizenship test seems impossible. If Kaninda loses is SSI, he may also lose his MediCal, California's health insurance program for low income individuals.

Shuka Kalantari interviews artist Victor Zaballa about his experience with organ donation and its impact on the Latino community.