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Wilmington has long been "an industrial dumping ground" that has left residents grappling with... more »
posted 07/14/22
The county's child welfare statistics offer a bleak picture of the current situation. more »
posted 03/02/22
A unique program in Los Angeles County focuses on getting pregnant people out of jail and into... more »
posted 12/02/21

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The coalition, said co-founder Lamikia Castillo, demanded “that the LA County Board of Supervisors change its practices,” so that “families are not pulled apart.”
Inspector General Max Huntsman said he “received complaints from pregnant people in custody and their loved ones” about food and bottled water availability in jail, as well as out-of-cell time for exercise, and other issues.
There's a pressing need for LA’s Office of Diversion and Reentry to scale up its diversion capacity for moms, but so far the money to do so hasn’t been there.