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Awards and Updates

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate - awarded by Center for the Pacific Asian Family

An advocate on behalf of those who are battered and abused after completing the state mandated 60-hour training. This experience was unique by virtue of the fact that it took into account the various cultural styles of the many Asian and Pacific Asian populations and by virtue of the fact that the training included not just Asian attendees but also Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, and racially blended individuals.

Role playing exercises accompanied lectures. Simulate phone bank exercises aided in better comprehension of what those sessions would involve. The training included modules on child abuse, sexual abuse and rape, domestic violence and abuse, how it affects the partners as well as the children. There was also discussion about possible behavior difficulties and how to diffuse them.

Very important was a module on communication, words that could trigger guilt and negative reactions in addition to fear. How to handle negative habits developed during the period of abuse. Most important was the module on how the advocate can provide self care.

Mediator - awarded by Conciliation Forums of Oakland

Intake screener, mediator, and facilitator.

The mediation style of CFO is to use a three-person mediation panel in order to hear the concerns of either party and encourage them, through constructive communication styles to broach their differences and come to an agreement. Some of the situations were quite compelling and required more than one session. Through the joint efforts of the panels, my work achieved a 98% resolution success rate.

I also served as a facilitator who observed the workings of the panel in moving through the process. At strategic times, I would offer suggestions that would lead to a better process where there was a sticking point. At other times, I would stop the communication because it had begun to stray from the purpose the parties were attempting to reach.

Respect was the first priority in all of the communications and dealings.

Tutor - Project Read - awarded by San Francisco Public Library

Working with adult learners on reading, comprehension, and writing skills; basic math; dealing with various forms of learning challenges. Interviewed with a learner for KRON News about the program and learner successes.

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President Clinton declared October as Domestic Violence Awarness Month and in 1994 signed into legislation the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) as authored by Sen. Joe Biden. It addresses various forms of redress and recovery for violent acts against women. It looks at the physical violence dynamic