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Radio reporter Veronica Zaragovia of KUT in Austin focused her reporting series on the rollout of... more »
posted 03/31/15
In Texas, a lot of things really are larger than life – especially the drama in politics. I saw... more »
posted 07/07/14

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Texas has the highest rate of uninsured people in the country. In the second year of the insurance marketplace, some Texas nonprofits are changing their strategy, and insurers, hospitals, and city governments are also doing more to help people enroll.

In Austin, Texas and across the U.S., nonprofits are helping connect the country's uninsured Latina population with health care resources in their communities.

Although the Affordable Care Act has led to thousands of people in Texas getting insurance for the first time, many consumers aren’t turning to care at a doctor’s office. Instead they’re turning to places that are convenient, like Walmart.