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Rong Xiaoqing's Blog

When I began reporting on health taboos in Asian communities in New York, I didn't know I would... more »
posted 02/04/11
Last May was a big month for the Asian community. It was Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage... more »
posted 06/07/10
My Dennis Hunt grant story, No Racial Boundary for HIV, was published in Sing Tao Daily on the... more »
posted 03/30/10

Rong Xiaoqing's Work

Elder abuse, a growing but hidden problem for Chinese seniors in the United States, often originates when adult children here reject the tradition of filial piety. This is the second story of a two-part series.

Familial piety is so highly valued in the Asian culture, contributing to the image of Asian Americans as a model minority, that many people, including Asian Americans themselves, don't even realize that senior abuse exists in this community.