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Bahrain: Doctors Convicted for Protesting

Bahrain: Doctors Convicted for Protesting

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Doctors as Political Prisoners: In Bahrain a court convicted nine doctors on suspicion of participating in the political uprising during the Arab Spring. The doctors were tortured after their arrests, and claim that they merely treated wounded protesters, reports Kareem Fahim for the New York Times.

Radiation: The number of CT scans that patients of major HMOs undergo have tripled since 1996. Another recent study showed that CT scans of children increased their risk of cancer, reports Alistair Gee for the New York Times.

Health Care Reform: Medicare’s drug discounts may be invalidated if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare, reports Susan Jaffee for Kaiser Health News.

Microbiome: The Human Microbiome Project has completed its survey of microbes living in and on humans. The project has already produced a mass of publications an more are on the way, revealing some of the ways our microbial hitchhikers work with and against their hosts, reports Katherine Harmon for Scientific American.

Cancer: The number of people living with cancer will increase by a third by the year 2022, according to one projection. The increase would be mainly due to people surviving cancer longer, which means that oncologists may need to pay more attention to the long-term effects of chemotherapy drugs, reports Debra Sherman for Reuters.

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