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A statue of an Apsara, or female celestial figure featured prominently in Cambodian mythology. Captured at the Cambodian Buddhis

Health and Healing for Cambodian Survivors

Forty years after resettlement, this community is still grappling with the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge regime.
Cambodian refugees in Thailand.

From Cambodia to California: Survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide need access to mental health care

Treating their trauma is complex: Language and cultural barriers make it hard for many to access mental health care.
(Photo by Ken Chuang via Pixabay)

An amateur’s guide to taking on a complicated reporting project

An experienced journalist reflects on the learning curve that came with tackling an in-depth series.
Maria Lee, left, with her mother, Maria D. Jimenez, at her parent’s home in San Antonio. Lee is an insurance broker, but she doe

ACCESS DENIED: Our medical system is a maze, so patients need navigators — people like Maria Lee

The goal is to keep patients from falling through the cracks in the health care system — cracks that can be more dangerous for Latinos in San Antonio's South Side.
Carolina stands behind a homemade food cart at the Guatemalan Night Market in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

‘We Did It!’ Street Vendors Across L.A. County Celebrate a Hard-Fought Victory

But as California moves to decriminalize street vending, many wonder if aggressive policing will stop.
(Photo by Bre Pettis via Flickr/Creative Commons)

When the inequities we see in our communities show up in our newsrooms, too

How are we supposed to cover the community as a whole when we can’t communicate with a large portion of its residents?

Coronavirus Files: BQ variants on the rise, Moderna booster fights omicron

A pair of variants likely to dominate the early winter months are emerging from the Scrabble soup.
New Mexico's alcohol epidemiologist, Annaliese Mayette, recommended the governor veto landmark alcohol legislation that expanded

Politics trumps health in state’s response to alcohol crisis

A review of internal records and interviews with a dozen current and former health department staff show what expertise it possesses has long been muzzled or ignored.


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