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The AB&I Foundry in East Oakland melts down scrap metal and emits chemicals into the air through its smokestacks.

How partnerships with community organizations helped me see the truth behind data

I set out to learn whether smoke from distant wildfires made childhood asthma worse. Turns out, the problem was closer to home.
(Photo by Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images)

Racial disparities amid COVID-19 are more local than you might think, research finds

The intersection of race and place proves key to understanding the gaps.

'Dirty little secret' | Georgia mom angry after state forces her to trade custody of her son for his mental health treatment

At the root of child abandonment is a lack of services. It's not that they don't exist, it's that parents are often denied access to care for their child's needs.
coronavirus files

Coronavirus Files: FDA considers boosters for all adults amid threat of winter surger

Plus, competing messages from pop icons misinform the public.
Brianna, 8, with author Dr. ChrisAnna Mink, during her January stay at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, where she was treated for a C
People on low-incomes and retirees buy food at the World Harvest Food Bank in Los Angeles.

As food stamps get historic boost, reporters can outline benefits and limits for families

What impact will the increase have on food insecurity? It's a timely story worth tracking in your community.
Members of the Fourth Samoan Congregational Christian Church of Long Beach worship on Sept. 5, 2021. The church this summer lost

It may be a global pandemic, but local news matters

Local reporting shines a light on Long Beach's glaring health disparities during the pandemic.
Kittrell Warren, 65, found housing at the Cova Hotel in the Tenderloin. It served as one of San Francisco's shelter-in-place hot

Three lessons from a three-part radio series on housing as health care

In the end, taking the time to find the right characters and sources paid off.


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