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Cristal Robles, who is fluent in Mixteco, English and Spanish, worked as a contact tracer for community COVID-19 cases.

Left behind: Why Santa Maria became the epicenter for COVID-19 in Santa Barbara County

Communication and cultural barriers speed spread of the virus in one Central California community.
Members of the Fourth Samoan Congregational Christian Church of Long Beach worship on Sept. 5, 2021.

‘A sad wake up call’: COVID-19 has hit Pacific Islanders harder than any other group

On August 27, the small Samoan church of about 200 parishioners in North Long Beach held its first ever triple funeral service.
Ingrid Tischer and her husband Ken Stein

How COVID-19 reveals existing biases against the disability community

"Nearly every disabled person I’ve talked with has their own stories of pain and discrimination," says radio producer Christopher Egusa. "The dismissal and invisibility are common experiences."
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Are we finally approaching the breaking point on hospital prices?

While hospitals often deflect blame to other sectors of health care, there’s no question they play an outsized role in rising costs.
Milton Woodberry says protecting Angelina, his wife of 19 years, from COVID-19 was a no brainer.

Real Talk: Three Sacramento Families Discuss Their COVID Stories — And Share How The Vaccine Is Protecting Them

Stories of three families weighing fact against fiction as they see it and deciding what is best for them.
(Photo by Fred Dufour/AFP via Getty Images)

What I learned from experts and my bubbe while reporting on premature births

A reporter pivots between experts and data to try to understand why still so little is known about premature births.
The Windsor Hotel in San Francisco's Tenderloin is one of the first batches of city-owned permanent supportive housing

Meet the SF doctor who wants to prescribe housing

When Dr. Josh Bamberger was starting his medical career in the Tenderloin, he wished he could offer something more to his sickest homeless patients. Now he can.  
(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

A massive real-world experiment is taking place right now for families with children

Child advocates and researchers believe the new child tax credit is a huge deal for families — here's why.


The pandemic is far from over but crucial COVID-19 protections and benefits are gone. In our next webinar, we'll explore the end of renter protections, unemployment benefits and other emergency relief, and what it means for the nation’s pandemic recovery and the health and well-being of low-income people and their communities. Glean story ideas and crucial context. Sign-up here!

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