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Daily Briefing: Heat Wave Deaths, Black Lung and Cambodia Disease

Daily Briefing: Heat Wave Deaths, Black Lung and Cambodia Disease

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Heat Wave: The weather caused more than 35 heat-related deaths across the country, Jon Eligon and Marc Santora report for the New York Times.

Black Lung: An investigation by the Center For Public Integrity and NPR shows that black lung disease in on the rise among coal miners.

Infectious Disease: Lab tests show that a virulent strain of hand foot and mouth disease was responsible for most of the mysterious child deaths that occurred in Cambodia. Some 166 people died of the disease in Vietnam last year, and more than 240 have died in China this year reports the AP.

Health Politics: The House plans to make a symbolic vote to repeal Obamacare today, reports Tamara Keith for NPR. Also, Sarah Kliff discusses why it’s going to be hard for states to opt out of Medicaid expansion for the Washington Post.

Hygiene Hypothesis: A study of Finnish families found that children who live with dogs or cats contracted colds and infections less frequently, reports Amina Khan for the Los Angeles Times.

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