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Daily Briefing: Money for Contraceptives, Alzheimer Research and Romney Booed

Daily Briefing: Money for Contraceptives, Alzheimer Research and Romney Booed

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Reproductive Health: Melinda Gates has pledged $560 million to provide contraception to women in the developing world, reports Chris Wickham for Reuters.

Alzheimer’s: Scientists have identified a rare gene that is protective against Alzheimer’s disease, reports Alice Park for Time.

Politics: Mitt Romney spoke at the NAACP and was drowned out by boos when he promised to repeal Obamacare, reports Juana Summers for Politico.

Medicaid: New research indicates that people with Medicaid tend to use emergency rooms for true emergencies. This contradicts conventional wisdom, which has held that many Medicaid patients use emergency rooms for minor issues, reports Sarah Kliff for the Washington Post.

Medical Education: Doctors are saying that medical schools should teach students to factor the cost of treatments into the decision-making process. Saddling a patient with overwhelming debt can affect health, reports Jenny Gold for Kaiser Health News.

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