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CFSgate = GWSgate = AIDSgate (a cover-up so big it's really 3-in-1)

CFSgate = GWSgate = AIDSgate (a cover-up so big it's really 3-in-1)

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Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) =

Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) =

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)*


UK PROGRESSIVE published one of my letters about NON HIV AIDS.  This marked it’s 12th publication on 4 continents.  This topic has been censored from mainstream media since 1992 (i.e., Gulf War I). 

I hope that you will support this humanitarian issue, and spread-the-news too (e.g., write a story, add to your e*Newsletter and/or post on Facebook/Twitter). 

In the fight for humanity,


* None of which are caused by HIV.


My recent federal testimony about NON HIV AIDS from a CFS/ME advisory committee meeting (Washington,DC via conference call) posted (5 minutes):


Or simply google “NON HIV AIDS”


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greeting's karen,
came across your info......thanks you so much, for having the 'balls' to speak out.
your testimony and the ways you spoke, was very clear, strong info...called 'the truth' !
you expessed your self as very articulete.
in my... 'forever onging research' (ill over 28+yrs) This info is the base....the sick hard facts,that very few 'patients' don't want to open their eyes & "See" what the real truth is.....but thu 'knowlede'....more of us are waking up & to with great gradtutde, to great work of yours.
your not alone the "Arms of The Angels" in Blessing's, marie

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