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Calling all journalists: What do you need to report safely and ethically on COVID-19?

Calling all journalists: What do you need to report safely and ethically on COVID-19?

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Many journalists now find themselves on the new frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis: grocery stores, nursing homes, and other areas with higher infection risk. As the novel coronavirus outbreak intensifies globally, the USC Center for Health Journalism wants to help you identify and navigate the best reporting practices. 

What questions do you have as a journalist who might be knees-deep in crisis journalism for the very first time — or as a veteran journalist learning to pivot to the new parameters of this unprecedented outbreak?

What ethical dilemmas are you facing? 

Are you worried about whether you could become a disease carrier as you go from place to place with your field reporting?

Do you have concerns about newsroom policies to address these issues?

And how are you dealing with the stress of reporting under these circumstances, whether you are sheltering in place or out in the field?

We want to hear your health and safety reporting questions and concerns. We’ll read all of the responses, choose several questions that our experts can tackle, and report back with answers. Your questions will also help our team at the Center have a better understanding of how we can support journalists in this critical moment. 


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