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Doulas: A Formal Part of California's Health Care System

The state acknowledges doula services as part of the solution to reduce maternal mortality.
photo credit: Courtesy of the California National Guard

Wildfire smoke protections leave some with questions - others celebrate progress

The final story in a series detailing the detrimental health effects of wildfire smoke and the dangers Sonoma County's agricultural workers face.
(Photo by Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

Coronavirus Files: Long COVID advocates protest Biden’s declaration of pandemic’s end

Also, a look at how COVID aid slashed poverty rates, and dozens charged in pandemic fraud case.
Black Voice News

It Begins Like This

Securing the physical, emotional and informational support of doulas.
Fresno County broke record heat as a heatwave scorched the valley in the summer of 2020

Fresno County heat waves will last longer in the future. Here’s what that means for your health

Extreme heat days and prolonged heat waves, which will become more frequent in the near future, can create serious health concerns.
Black Voice News

The Labor of Doulas

Highly valued, proven effective and undercompensated.
Source: Imperial County • Graphic by Jennifer Bowman | inewsource

Imperial County’s use of psychiatric holds appears to violate state law

Imperial County officials routinely keep people on psychiatric holds for longer than 72 hours, often in ill-equipped facilities and without a formal hearing that’s required by law, an inewsource investigation found.
Covid testing location shown.

People of color with long COVID face uphill battle to be heard

Medical discrimination and a lack of data make it difficult for people of color to get help for post-COVID problems.


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