Unable to do math and realizing the only way he’d ever patrol center field for the Dodgers was as a security guard, Bill Macfadyen settled on the one career he knew had comfort, longevity and stability: newspaper copy editor.

So that didn’t work out as planned.

Now, as the founder and publisher of Noozhawk.com, he’s having the time of his life amid the chaos and cacophony of the World Wide Web. Noozhawk is Santa Barbara’s freshest news and information source — and its only 24/7 professional news site.

Commanding a staff of seven full-time professional journalists, three sales representatives and an army of community contributors, Bill is on a quest to figure out how to make online local news viable and sustainable. So far, so good.

Outside his virtual reality, Bill and his wife are new empty-nesters ... except for their 115-pound Alaskan malamute.



<p>In Santa Barbara County, there were 111 drug- and alcohol-related deaths in 2009, the most recent year of complete data, and county Coroner’s Office records show the presence of prescription medications<span style="color: green; text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;"></span> in many o