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A Landmark Court Case Over California's Medicaid Cuts

A Landmark Court Case Over California's Medicaid Cuts

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Can poor people challenge their state leaders over cuts to Medicaid that imperil their health care? That question is at the crux of a U.S. Supreme Court case involving California. The New York Times' Robert Pear lays out the issues in the landmark case.

HIV/AIDS: If you missed it over the weekend, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution lays out serious bureaucratic snafus at the local health department that are keeping HIV-positive patients from getting their life-saving meds.

Menopause: Soy supplements, often touted as a natural method for menopause symptom relief, aren't effective in relieving hot flashes or staving off bone loss, new research suggests.

Health Reform: After Massachusetts' health reforms insured most of the state's residents, they still got much of their care from community clinics and safety net hospitals, according to a new study examined by Phil Galewitz for Kaiser Health News.

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