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Could Food Additives Be Making Us Fat? Researcher Looks For Answers

Could Food Additives Be Making Us Fat? Researcher Looks For Answers

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Writing for the CommonHealth blog, Carey Goldberg profiles a researcher examining whether food additives could be making us fat.

Health Reform: California reportedly won the most money for the state's community clinics in the latest round of funding for such clinics made available by last year's health reform legislation, Patricia Anstett reports for the Detroit Free Press. Michigan won nothing, prompting health officials to say the state was unfairly snubbed by the feds.

Autism: A new study of siblings of autistic children finds that their risk of also having autism is far higher than previously believed, particularly if the younger sibling is a boy, Richard Knox reports for NPR's Shots blog. Autism has long been thought to have a genetic component.

Medical Errors: Kevin B. O'Reilly of American Medical News profiles three doctors who, unlike many of their peers, were willing to talk publicly about serious errors they had made.

HIV/AIDS: A dramatic shift in how federal HIV/AIDS funding is distributed means that Massachusetts, where HIV infection rates are relatively low, will have to eliminate or slash HIV prevention programs statewide, Kay Lazar reports for the Boston Globe.

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