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In Mississippi Delta Churches, Preaching a Healthier Diet

In Mississippi Delta Churches, Preaching a Healthier Diet

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Deep in the Mississippi Delta, pastors try to lead their flocks to a healthier diet, eschewing fried chicken and sweet tea for plates of fruit and sugar-free apple pie, Campbell Robertson reports for the New York Times.

Patient Privacy: Oops. A Southern California health consulting firm left the medical records of 300,000 California patients exposed on the Internet, Jordan Robertson reports for the Associated Press. A researcher discovered the breach and the company has since removed the information.

Election 2012: Republican presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry can expect heavy scrutiny of his health proposals as his campaign moves forward, and some of his ideas could prove as controversial as the national health reform law he hopes to block in Texas, the Associated Press reports.

Nutrition: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had hoped to stop people from buying sugary sodas with food stamps, but his bid was turned down by federal regulators, Michael Howard Saul reports for The Wall St. Journal.

Epilepsy: Should non-medical personnel be allowed to provide anti-seizure medication to epileptic kids in California schools? The debate over this issue continues as the drug in question, Diastat, must be given within 5 minutes of the start of a seizure, Sheila Kumar reports for the Associated Press.

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has implemented several policies he feels will help limit obesity. This contains banning trans fats in the city's restaurants. The plan would cut sugared drinks and sodas out of the "approved" list of food stamp items. The federal government, however, has said no to the suggestion.


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