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Hospitals Improve Heart Attack Treatment, Make Progress In Stopping Infections

Hospitals Improve Heart Attack Treatment, Make Progress In Stopping Infections

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Heart Health:

Hospitals have made striking improvements in treating almost all major heart attack patients within the recommended 90 minutes of arrival, according to new research, Marilynn Marchione reports for the Associated Press. 

Food Safety: Last year's landmark food safety law was supposed to improve oversight of the nation's food supply and prevent food-borne illness, but regulators are hampered by a lack of money, William Neuman reports for the New York Times. In a related story, researchers have found that E. coli and salmonella bacteria can live inside produce, rather than just on the surface where it can be washed away.

Patient Safety: California hospitals have saved lives and also saved an estimated $11 million by reducing infections among patients, Duke Helfand reports for the Los Angeles Times. An estimated 12,000 California patients die from hospital-acquired infections each year.

Kids' Health: Time's Alice Park reports on how online games sponsored by food companies may promote child obesity.


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