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Second Guessing Steve Jobs' Health

Second Guessing Steve Jobs' Health

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Vaccines: A long-awaited new report from the Institutes of Medicine concludes that vaccines cause few serious side effects and that there is no evidence that vaccines cause autism or type 1 diabetes, Julie Steenhuysen reports for Reuters. The federal panel of experts reviewed more than 1,000 studies of vaccines and side effects.

Steve Jobs: It's a ghoulish job, but someone's got to do it: doctors speculate on what the Apple founder/CEO's resignation could signal for the progress of his pancreatic cancer, Kristina Fiore reports for MedPage Today.

Election 2012: How would Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry address health reform and other health policy issues if he's elected? Emily Ramshaw and Marilyn Werber Serafini analyze his past record for some clues for the Texas Tribune and Kaiser Health News.

Health Insurance: Federal subsidies for the typically costly COBRA health insurance used by unemployed workers are set to end Sept. 1, Steve Twedt reports for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Health advocates worry the loss of those subsidies will push more people into the ranks of the uninsured.

Food Safety: Federal health officials say they'll block all papayas coming into the U.S. from Mexico unless importers can prove they're salmonella-free, Reuters reports.

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Here's another well-reported take on Jobs' prospects from Lisa Krieger of the San Jose Mercury-News:


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