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Federal Judge: Florida Can't Muzzle Docs Talking About Guns With Patients

Federal Judge: Florida Can't Muzzle Docs Talking About Guns With Patients

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Doctors and Guns:

A federal court judge has blocked a controversial Florida law restricting what public health messages doctors can convey to their patients about guns, saying it violated free speech protections, the Associated Press reports.

Reproductive Health: Florida state lawmakers have turned away nearly $3 million in federal funding for sex education for school kids that includes information about both abstinence and contraception, Ashley Lopez reports for the Florida Independent. Florida has the sixth highest teen birth rate in the nation.

Contagion: In the New York Times, Dr. Abigail Zuger weighs in on the the epidemiology in the new pandemic movie Contagion, calling it "an improbable caricature."

Obesity: Michigan will soon direct doctors to start monitoring the body mass indexes of the children they treat and report that weight data to a state registry in a bid to combat childhood obesity.

Health Reform: An unlikely coalition of healthcare industry and consumer groups has launched a campaign to lay the groundwork for millions of Americans to sign up for health insurance in the wake of health reform, Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar reports for the Associated Press.

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