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Sacramento Bee: California Nursing Homes Falsified Records

Sacramento Bee: California Nursing Homes Falsified Records

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Nursing Homes:

Falsified records in California nursing homes obscure the illnesses of frail seniors and cover up care that was never given, Marjie Lundstrom reports in an investigative series for the Sacramento Bee.

Obesity: Just 10 extra calories a day is all it takes to raise the body weight of the average person by 20 pounds in 30 years, according to a depressing new study examined by New York Times columnist Jane E. Brody.

Zoonotic Diseases: A new health research center has emerged - at the St. Louis Zoo, which will study the links between animal and human health, Diane Toroian Keaggy reports for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Health Spending: President Obama unveiled specific cuts to Medicare and Medicaid health spending as part of his deficit-cutting and jobs package, including trimming payments to drug makers and requiring seniors to pay slightly more for Medicare services, Bloomberg News reports.

Whooping Cough: The whooping cough/pertussis vaccine loses effectiveness after only three years, new research on Marin County cases suggests, lending credence to new school rules kids to get booster shots for the potentially fatal respiratory disease, the Associated Press reports.

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I know fraud is rampant and it sure is a shame we need to take care of those well as we will be cared for someday

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