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Amazon Warehouse Proves Dangerous To Workers' Health

Amazon Warehouse Proves Dangerous To Workers' Health

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Occupational Health:

Workers at Amazon's Lehigh Valley, Pa. warehouse endured constant demands to work faster in scorching heat to the point where some needed emergency room care, Spencer Soper reports for the Allentown Morning Call.

HPV Vaccine: Denise Grady of the New York Times evaluates the potentially years-long damage to public health caused by Michele Bachmann's portrayal of a cervical cancer vaccine as "dangerous."

Heart Health: Two heart failure studies are getting lots of coverage today: in the first, poor or less-educated women are more likely to suffer from heart failure, even when other measures of health are taken into account. In the second, uninsured heart failure patients and those with Medicare or Medicaid were less likely to get essential heart treatments than those with private insurance.

Diabetes: Add two new conditions to the long list of ailments that diabetes can exacerbate: dementia and Alzheimer's disease, Karen Kaplan reports for the Los Angeles Times.

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