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Our Hormones Made Us Do It: Weight Gain After Weight Loss

Our Hormones Made Us Do It: Weight Gain After Weight Loss

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Weight Loss:

We knew it wasn't our fault a small new study suggests that the hormones of people who have lost considerable weight start working overtime to increase appetite, Malcolm Ritter reports for the Associated Press.

Lung Cancer: New research suggests that the common practice if using X-rays to screen for lung cancer may not actually prevent deaths from the disease, Lindsey Tanner reports for the Associated Press.

Health Reform: Get it over with, please! In a new supporting brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, health industry leaders are urging justices to quickly address the constitutional challenges to health reform's individual mandate and rule on what other parts of the Affordable Care Act might need to be struck down should the mandate be overruled, Reed Abelson reports for the New York Times.

ACOs: California Healthline's Dan Diamond outlines health industry response to the new accountable care organization regulations recently released by the feds.

Transplant: Can social media save Amit Gupta, who needs a bone marrow transplant to treat his leukemia? A $10,000 incentive throws an ethical wrench into the debate, Briana Campbell writes for the Pixels and Pills blog.

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