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Occupy Wall Street Turns to Health Care

Occupy Wall Street Turns to Health Care

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Occupy Health:

Occupy Wall Street protesters today marched to health insurance giant Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield and a closed hospital today, demanding "health care for all" and for the bankrupt hospital to be reopened, the Associated Press reports.

Medicare: Seniors will see a smaller hit to their wallets for Medicare Part B premiums in 2012, and some will get a rate cut, Jennifer Liberto reports for CNNMoney. The monthly Part B costs for most seniors will go up by $3.50 for a total premium of about $100.

Medicaid: States will see their spending on Medicaid rise by nearly 30 percent as federal stimulus funds end, even as they slash payments to doctors and hospitals, Alex Wayne reports for Bloomberg.

Snakes in a Lab: All right, we'll bite. Snake hearts (yes, they do have them) expand so dramatically when pythons gorge on their prey that learning why and how that happens could help prevent human heart failure, Lawrence K. Altman reports for the New York Times.

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