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Online Petition Asks Delta Airlines To Dump Anti-Vaccine Ads

Online Petition Asks Delta Airlines To Dump Anti-Vaccine Ads

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Vaccine Ads:

An anti-vaccine group's advertising campaign on Delta Airlines flights prompted an online petition asking Delta to remove the ads in the interest of public health. (Hat tip: William H. London)

Healthier Aging: Ridding mouse bodies of "senescent" cells that have retired from their usual jobs can help them lead healthier lives (but not longer ones) as they age, Ed Yong reports for Discovery Magazine. It's a long way before the research could be applied to aging reversal in humans, however.

Movie Night: Fast Forward Health, a film festival held this week in Washington, D.C., showcased films on nutrition, exercise, trauma centers and health access  to get people thinking about public health issues, Jordan Calmes reports for NPR's Shots blog.

Health Reform: Despite their promises, Republican presidential candidates can't really make "Obamacare" disappear the minute they're elected, Calvin Woodward and Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar report for the Associated Press in a fact-check story about their repeal rhetoric.

Smoking: The FDA really wants Americans to stop smoking, and is shelling out $600 million of your tax dollars on anti-smoking campaigns over the next five years, the Associated Press reports. The federal spending will help make up for big state budget cuts to stop-smoking efforts.

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