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For Some Veterans, Long Waits for Mental Health Treatment

For Some Veterans, Long Waits for Mental Health Treatment

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Veterans' Health:

At a third of the nation's VA hospitals, it can take three to six weeks before a veteran can get mental health treatment, far more than 14 days that the VA sets as its goal, according to a USA Today analysis. VA health providers worry about veterans' long waits to see a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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Those having and giving electroshock/ECT this morning may want to reconsider, given brain injuries proven in a court of law at a minimum. Providers say it is "safe and effective", but it is far from that.

Electroshock used for many reasons and no longer used as a last resort. Performed at leading institutions such as HMO, Kaiser Permanente. No FDA testing for safety or effectiveness.Patients are not warned of this in consent. Involves up to 450 volts to the brain and greater. No pre-market approval ever done of devices before the FDA.The FDA I believe should have a discrimination suit brought against them in not testing device or procedure involving a protected population under the ADA in over 80 years. I believe they don't test because they know full well damages that would be revealed. When there are billions generated annually from this, many can lie to themselves and others.

Secondary to mechanism of electrical trauma, TBI results at a minimum. Electrical trauma impacts all bodily systems, so patients can have ongoing cardiac and respiratory issues. Electrical trauma can evolve years out in damages as well, and some are experiencing symptoms of Parkinson’s, ALS, and various dystonia. We are having symptoms of CTE similar to the NFL injuries.

Physicians are failing, and have been failing for decades in their duty to warn, protect, and not cause harm around this issue. This is used also on our veterans, children, and women in pregnancy. It is time for reformation.

There is now a national product liability suit taking place around the devices. California courts have proved brain injuries. There are two suits filed against the FDA. There are medical malpractice firms in multiple states taking patient information around damages. This is fraud at best, and based on damages we live with many would like to see criminal charges levied.

Attorneys, (billions involved annually) your one constant with every patient, now proven in courts is brain damage in outcomes. This material risk is missing from consents. We are warned only for most part of temporary memory loss and routine anesthesia risks. All trauma based on mechanism, and this is, electrical mechanism. You have a KNOWN mechanism, i.e. blunt force with NFL, or electrical with our population. You then have a KNOWN and ANTICIPATED outcome in ALL populations. Electroshock is TRAUMA. If this occurred in a home or work setting, vs. in the hands of culpable providers, ALL ER personnel would anticipate TBI at minimum.

Your primary experts should be double boarded in psychiatry/neurology and focus on neurological outcomes. Trauma providers cannot refute these outcomes. Trauma medicine, neurology, and even psychiatry recognize electrical mechanism resulting in brain injuries. See DSM5 submission around electrical injury and they list damages.

I encourage survivors to contact reporters in your state, and submit letters to Editors of the smaller papers all over your state, as larger papers seem to be protecting providers vs. meeting their journalistic responsibilities to expose the truth. This will garner more attorney interest to see these repeated stories of harm. We need this to happen to bring a landslide of suits on behalf of victims. You may also post your story on relevant media such as Psychology Today. You may add a post to comment sections of news stories that can tie in. Or you may expose them on public social. The idea is we need a very bright light on this in any way possible. We want providers and facilities afraid to perform in this light. There are multiple letters to the Editor that have posted nationally addressing this harm recently. We need many more please.

Providers please stop this battery of patients under the guise of help. We are trusting you at our most vulnerable. You have greatly harmed us, and continue to harm us. Nurses I ask you to intervene on behalf of your patients as providers are failing in their duty. Please speak with your nursing leaders and administration in how to stop this practice.

I am a retired level one trauma nurse who worked at leading facilities for many years. I know that you know what you are doing is trauma and it is time to address it. Some of my peers are committing suicide because doctors will not address and recognize. We deserve the same resources that all other TBI patients have at their disposal. We are greatly suffering while you all look away and pretend otherwise. We need extensive rehabilitation.

Who will write the orders for our assistance and step up as healers to address this? Your silence makes you just as culpable and complicit. This is not going to be swept under the carpet any longer. I would stop this practice before you incur more legal repercussions that are surely coming. Arbitration will not satisfy these claims anticipated.

Editors and reporters to all major media in US and in many countries have been contacted around this issue that could be found. Because of the societal power structures it is not yet being addressed as it should and will be. I know and trust it is just a matter of time.

Most brain injury/medical malpractice firms have been contacted nationally around this issue. I believe patients with 6 months to work with before time frames expire for your state should try to contact them. You can approach state and national firms. Please reference and share links below in your submission. We want them to see these repeated outcomes. Please do not contact them if you do not have at least six months before for your time expires, see below guidelines for these states listed. Check with your state.

Parents of children who have had ECT there are no time constraints. There is a letter to download under help section of for all to give to providers to address needed testing for survivors. Once providers are equally matched by attorney's desire for suit things will change.

Here is a list of attorneys taking patient information for medical malpractice suits. Please do not contact if you do not have 6 months to work with at minimum.

PHILLIPS Law for WA patients that have had ECT in the last 2.5 years.
BELL law firm in GA shock in last 18 months.
SILBEGERG law firm in CA if you have had ECT in the last 18 months.
Christian and Davis law firm if you had ECT in SC in the last 2.5 years.
HUMPHREY law firm in IA if you had ECT in last 18 months.
NE shock in last 18 months
IL shock in last 18 months
WI shock in last 2.5 years
MN shock in last 3.5 years
RICHARDSON, RICHARDSON, and BOUDREAUX if you had ECT in OK in last 18 months
LUBIN AND MEYER if you had ECT in MA, RI, or NH in last 2.5 years

Contact the David Karen Law firm in CA. working with
Baum, Hedlund, Aristel& Goldman firm CA.
(They now have ownership of site.)

Attorneys interested in learning more, I am happy to send you the research used in product liability suit. We are interested in bringing suits outside of US as well and have many patients looking for representation. You may contact me at I do not read comments so others may contact me there as well if they need help with letters to Editors in their state. Video by Jane…/ect-litigation-patients-not…/

As a side note: I believe we should consider the possibility of these mass shootings being caused by side effects of some psychiatric drugs. All are reported to cause behavioral changes potentially, and SSRI’s have history of suicide/homicide to have box warnings. You play with the brain with these drugs and electricity, and sadly these types of situations may occur.

"...and the ashes will be blown away from the tops of their heads. It is edict! It is writ!"

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