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Prozac Dreams: One in Five Americans Took Behavioral Meds in 2010

Prozac Dreams: One in Five Americans Took Behavioral Meds in 2010

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Mental Health:

One in five American adults took an anti-depressant, attention-deficit or other behavioral health medication in 2010, while use of such meds is declining among children and teens, according to new data from Medco Health Solutions.

Environmental Health: The flame retardant industry spent more than $23 million to defeat California legislation that would have regulated the chemical products, which have been linked to potential health risks, Liza Gross reports for Environmental Health News.

Prostate Cancer: A new drug known as denosumab could help delay the spread of cancer to the bone in men with prostate cancer, Mikaela Conley reports for

Health Access: Even when you give patients medicine for free, many don't take it, researchers were stunned to find in a recent study of medications given to heart attack survivors Marilynn Marchione reports for the Associated Press.

Weight Loss: Good news for chunky kids: if they lose weight as adults, they likely won't face a higher risk of heart disease or diabetes compared to always-lean people, new research suggests.

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