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On World AIDS Day, Obama Seeks More Money for HIV/AIDS Treatment, Prevention

On World AIDS Day, Obama Seeks More Money for HIV/AIDS Treatment, Prevention

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On World AIDS Day, activists lauded President Obama's promise to seek more federal money to spend preventing and treating HIV/AIDS nationally and locally, Jackie Calmes reports for the New York Times. But where will that money come from?

Health Reform: As health reform rolls out nationally, will employers dump only their sick employees into public health insurance exchanges? Elizabeth Stawicki reports for Minnesota Public Radio, NPR and Kaiser Health News on a loophole that might make that dumping possible.

Mental Health: We're surprised it's not higher: a new study suggests that 8 percent of Californians suffer from serious mental health problems, Shari Roan reports for the Los Angeles Times. Only about a quarter of those folks get the treatment they need, the study found.

Health Ruling: A federal judge has ruled that bone marrow donors can be paid in some cases, Paul Elias reports for the Associated Press, setting up another debate on whether donors of organs, blood or other body parts should be paid. Technology advances make bone marrow donation more like blood donation, which can be paid in some situations, than organ donation.

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