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Plan B Birth Control: FDA Can't Lower Age Limit For "Morning After" Pill

Plan B Birth Control: FDA Can't Lower Age Limit For "Morning After" Pill

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Birth Control: Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius overruled her own FDA scientists Wed., directing the FDA to continue to restrict the Plan B "morning after" contraception pill to girls 17 and older, Alina Selyukh reports for Reuters.

Nutrition: A new report by the Environmental Working Group examines the astoundingly high levels of sugar in some popular children's cereals, including Frosted Flakes, Allison Aubrey reports for NPR's Shots health blog. Studies have linked high-sugar diets to obesity and diabetes.

Prostate Cancer: Treating men for slow-growing prostate cancer may be worse than the disease itself so federal health officials are urging more research into the health effects of delaying or avoiding treatment, Rita Rubin reports for USA Today.

Breast Cancer: Radiation from medical imaging, being overweight and hormone replacement therapy can raise your risk of breast cancer, but evidence is mixed or lacking on whether exposures to tobacco smoke or chemicals like BPA are similarly risky, according to a new Institutes of Medicine report, Kim Carollo reports for ABC News.

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