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Abortion and Mental Health Problems: No Link, Researchers Say

Abortion and Mental Health Problems: No Link, Researchers Say

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Abortion: Having an abortion doesn't raise a woman's chances of developing a mental disorder, according to a review of 20 years of research on the issue, Maria Cheng reports for the Associated Press.

Retiree Health: A five-year federal fund that subsidized businesses to provide health insurance for early retirees will wind down much earlier than expected because it has nearly run out of money, Louise Radnofsky reports for the Wall St. Journal.

Lead Poisoning: Americans' discarded lead batteries are increasingly sent to Mexico, where methods to extract the lead are exposing workers and nearby residents to serious health risks, Elisabeth Rosenthal reports for the New York Times.

Food Safety: A listeria outbreak in cantaloupes from Colorado killed 30 people and sickened at least 146 people according to CDC officials, the Associated Press reports. The outbreak is considered to be over.

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