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North Korea: The Mystery of Kim Jong Ill's Health, and Death

North Korea: The Mystery of Kim Jong Ill's Health, and Death

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Kim Jong Il:

Of course we're going to highlight the lowlights of the North Korean leader's health: CNN has the scoop on the dictator's cause of death and previous illnesses. Knight Science Journalism Tracker's Paul Raeburn rounds up previous analyses of Kim Jong Il's psychological profile.

Breast Cancer: Companies are trying to build a better mammogram as they compete for a bigger slice of the $6 billion-and-growing medical imaging market, Sierra Jiminez reports for Fortune. Nearly 300,000 American women have been diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

Health Reform: The U.S. Supreme Court will devote an unprecedented week of oral argument over health reform when it takes up the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act in March, the Associated Press reports.

Smoking: Cities increasingly are banning smoking indoors in public housing for health reasons, although some tenants complain that their personal freedoms are being violated, Katharine Q. Seelye reports for the New York Times.

Hospital Boom: In a sweeping series, the Pittsburgh Post-Tribune examines the hospital building boom in Pennsylvania and its impact on consumers' health care costs.

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