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Faces, Hands: Coming Soon to an Organ Donor Registry Near You?

Faces, Hands: Coming Soon to an Organ Donor Registry Near You?

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Face/Hand Transplants: Coming soon to an organ donation registry near you: faces and hands as well as hearts and kidneys? Perhaps. The Health Resources Services Administration has proposed new regulations that would treat face and hand transplants like other organ transplants, with a nationwide registry system, donor testing and waiting lists, Marilynn Marchione reports for the Associated Press.

Implants: Women's health advocates are pressing the FDA to provide more information about apparently missing or incorrect data on the safety of silicone breast implants, which the agency said last summer were safe, Matthew Perrone reports for the Associated Press.  

Health Reform: Insurers may have spent millions trying to defeat the new health reform law, but their profits have only risen since 2010, the year the law was passed, a Bloomberg Government analysis has found.

Fracking: The Environmental Protection Agency is gearing up to study the public health effects of fracking on drinking water, but a CDC scientist says the feds also need to study fracking's effect on people's health and food safety, Alex Wayne and Katarzyna Klimasinska report for Bloomberg.

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