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Sprouts Be Gone: Restaurants Turning Away Amid Food Safety Concerns

Sprouts Be Gone: Restaurants Turning Away Amid Food Safety Concerns

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Food Safety:

More restaurants are taking raw sprouts off their menus because the otherwise healthy food is so prone to bacterial contamination, Nancy Shute reports for NPR.

Primary Care: Health insurance giant Wellpoint plans to offer family doctors more money in hopes of spurring more preventive care that will keep patients out of expensive emergency rooms, Christopher Weaver and Anna Wilde Mathews report for the Wall St. Journal.

Romneycare: Does Massachusetts' health reform program really have a problem with "free riders," as Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum alleged in a Florida debate last night? The Washington Post's Sarah Kliff reviews the data and has an answer: um, no.

Skin lighteners: California health officials are investigating imported skin-lightening creams marketed in ethnic communities for dangerous levels of mercury after a spate of mercury poisoning cases around the state, Ngoc Nguyen reports for New America Media.

Nursing homes: Pharmacists overseeing medications in California nursing homes routinely approved potentially lethal combinations of antipsychotic drugs for seniors according to new investigations, Laurie Udesky reports for the Bay Citizen/New York Times.

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