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Toxic Sugar: Should Sugar Be Regulated Like Cigarettes Or Alcohol?

Toxic Sugar: Should Sugar Be Regulated Like Cigarettes Or Alcohol?

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Toxic Sugar?

Sugar is as toxic to health as alcohol or cigarettes and should be similarly regulated, three California researchers write in a provocative Nature commentary, Carrie Gann reports for ABC News.

Prostate Cancer: The recent successes of two new prostate cancer drugs, presented Tuesday at a San Francisco medical conference, show that researchers are making progress against the disease, Ron Winslow reports for the Wall St. Journal. But many African Americans lack access to the most advanced prostate cancer treatment, Sheree Crute reports for The Root.

Hospital Infections: Prodded by government and public health advocates, hospitals are attacking in-patient infections like the superbug MRSA with new vigor, Maggie Fox reports for the National Journal. One key motivator: mandatory reporting of hospital infection rates.

Children's Health: In California, advocates are opposing the state's plan to move 875,000 kids currently in Healthy Families (SCHIP) subsidized health coverage into a new Medicaid managed care program, calling the move confusing and hasty, David Gorn reports for California Healthline.

Women's Health: Actress Elizabeth Banks has produced a pretty chilling short movie about a busy working mom having a heart attack to mark this month's Go Red For Women heart health campaign:

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