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Pink Guns and Planned Parenthood: Susan G. Komen Foundation's Worst Week Ever?

Pink Guns and Planned Parenthood: Susan G. Komen Foundation's Worst Week Ever?

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Komen Foundation:

Could this week get any worse for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Foundation? Today, the foundation reversed its beyond-controversial decision to pull breast cancer screening funding from Planned Parenthood – and then got slammed for appearing to partner with a gun marketer to sell pink Walther P-22 guns to support breast cancer research.

Environmental Health: Oh, great, another thing your kids can't do on the beach: environmental researchers have found that playing or digging in wet sand can raise your risk of gastrointestinal illness, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Climate Change: Poor, urban and minority residents are most at risk for health problems linked to climate change, according to a state government analysis of California's Los Angeles and Fresno counties, Bernice Yeung reports for California Watch.

Food Safety: Campylobacter-tainted raw milk from a single dairy in Pennsylvania is believed to be the cause of 35 cases of food poisoning in four states, the Associated Press reports.

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