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Controversy Rises Over Federal Program to Mail Condoms to Teens on Request

Controversy Rises Over Federal Program to Mail Condoms to Teens on Request

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Condoms: A federally-funded program to mail condoms and health education brochures to California teens who request them is raising hackles among some parents and abstinence advocates, while public health advocates say it is a good way to prevent teen pregnancy and STDs, Linda Mumma reports for KFSN-TV Fresno.

Raw Milk: It may be prized as "health food" by some consumers, but raw, unpasteurized milk is 150 times more likely to cause foodborne illnesses than pasteurized milk that's heated to kill pathogens, according to new CDC data, Amina Khan reports for the Los Angeles Times.

Cancer Medicine Shortage: A recent and life-threatening shortage of two cancer drugs, Doxil and methotrexate, is finally easing after federal government intervention, Kelly April Tyrrell reports for the (Delaware) News Journal.

Emergency Medicine: Hospitals with high-performing emergency rooms have 40 percent lower death rates for Medicare patients than hospitals with average emergency medicine, according to a new Health Grades study, Mark Crane reports for Medscape.

Cancer Research: Two Houston bio-statisticians blew the whistle on some promising but ultimately fraudulent cancer research from Duke University. The Houston Chronicle's Patricia Kilday Hart has the backstory.

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