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Medical Marijuana "University" Raid: Plus More from our Daily Briefing

Medical Marijuana "University" Raid: Plus More from our Daily Briefing

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Medical Marijuana: Federal agents raided the "Oaksterdam" medical marijuana training school today, briefly detaining school founder Richard Lee, one of the nation's best-known advocates of medical marijuana, Terry Collins reports for the Associated Press.

In a scenario playing out in many states, California health officials are figuring how they can still move forward with elements of national health reform law now that its fate before the U.S. Supreme Court is uncertain, Chad Terhune reports for the Los Angeles Times. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama predicted the Affordable Care Act would be upheld by the court.

Autism: New research suggests that autistic children's progress is extremely variable, with some children greatly improving their communication and other life skills with intensive therapy and others progressing only a little, Genevra Pittman reports for Reuters.

Melanoma: Despite long-running warnings to cut back on tanning bed use, young adults are still using them to the extent that melanoma (skin cancer) rates continue to rise, Alexandra Sifferlin reports for Time.

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