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Daily Briefing: Cleaning Up Arsenic-Tainted Water in a Rural Calif. Town

Daily Briefing: Cleaning Up Arsenic-Tainted Water in a Rural Calif. Town

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Environmental Health:

California Watch's Bernice Yeung reports on a rural California community's bid to clean up its long-tainted water, which contains cancer-causing arsenic.

Medical Tattoos: Writing in the Globe and Mail, Wency Leung examines the host of issues raised by medical tattoos that offer information about a patient's chronic condition but can also confuse doctors and paramedics.

Lead Poisoning: New Jersey is slashing its multimillion dollar lead poisoning prevention program, to the consternation of public health officials who fear children may be exposed in older homes where lead paint still exists, Salvador Rizzo reports for

Universal Health Care: As the fate of health reform hangs in the balance in the United States, many poorer nations are moving toward providing health insurance to all of their citizens, Noam Levey reports for the Los Angeles Times.

California Health: In a state budget revision released today, Gov. Jerry Brown wants to cut California's Medicaid program by $1.2 billion to ease the state's now $16 billion deficit, Nicholas Riccardi reports for the Los Angeles Times. The state's Healthy Families children's health insurance program also will cut payments to health providers by 25 percent.

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