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AOL-Huffington Post Merger: What Will Happen to Health Journalism and Health Content?

AOL-Huffington Post Merger: What Will Happen to Health Journalism and Health Content?

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Here's what we're checking out at Reporting on Health today:

Health Content: In the wake of the AOL-Huffington Post merger, Forbes' Health Dollars blogger David Whelan catalogues some of the health nonsense spouted by Huffington Post bloggers and asks: how will the merger affect AOL's tame but mainstream health journalism and health content?

Environmental Health: Aaron Kessler of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and Joaquin Sapien of ProPublica raise some disturbing questions about the investigation into infant deaths at Fort Bragg: why did federal officials examine potentially tainted drywall with tests that are "unreliable and incomplete?"

Multiple Sclerosis: In Scientific American, Katie Moisse examines how social media hype has driven an unproven surgical treatment for multiple sclerosis. Check out the vigorous debate in comments, too. (hat tip: Kaiser Health News)

Epigenetics: Interested in epigenetics? Mother Jones, of all outlets, provides an illustrated guide to this emerging bioscience. (Also check out our epigenetics overview and reporting resources.)

Smooch Science: And, in a Valentine's Day nod, here's Time's Feifei Sun on the science of kissing.

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