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In California, ER Docs Fight for State Money To Treat Poor, Uninsured Patients

In California, ER Docs Fight for State Money To Treat Poor, Uninsured Patients

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Emergency Care:

Will California emergency room doctors be able to preserve a state fund that pays them for treating poor, uninsured patients at private hospitals? The Los Angeles Times' Molly Hennessy-Fiske examines their fight and chances of success.  

Oil Spill: A National Resources Defense Council scientist talks about the health impacts of last year's BP oil spill on residents and clean-up workers for New America Media.

Hay Fever: Those pollen counts on popular websites like may not be as accurate as you might think, a new study suggests.

Car Safety: Children should ride in rear-facing car seats until they're two years old - a year later than previously recommended - according to new American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, Liz Szabo reports for USA Today.

Japan: Radiation detected in spinach, milk and some water supplies are fanning food safety fears among Japan's residents already traumatized by earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters, the Associated Press reports.

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