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Children's Health: Environment-Linked Disease Costs Big Money

Children's Health: Environment-Linked Disease Costs Big Money

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Environmental Health:

Kids' illnesses believed to be linked to environmental factors such as lead paint or pollution cost an estimated $77 billion in medical costs and lost productivity in 2008, a new analysis published in Health Affairs has found. Emily Walker reports on the analysis for MedPage Today.

Neuroscience: Elizabeth Landau of CNN examines the brain's amazing abilities of recovery through the lens of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' recovery from a gunshot wound to the head.

Tobacco Suits: Ex-smokers' lawsuits against tobacco companies gained new traction from a California state Supreme Court  ruling examined by the San Francisco Chronicle's Bob Egelko.

Food Access: The USDA has a new interactive map to help people identify "food deserts" in their communities – places where there are few outlets for buying healthy food like fruits and vegetables. KQED Radio examines 22 of these food deserts in the San Francisco Bay Area (second story):

Hair Repair: Seriously? Men are using the eyelash enhancer Latisse to beef up their receding hairlines? Apparently so, according to the New York Times' Douglas Quenqua.

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