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Chilean Miners: After Joyful Rescue, Facing Health Problems?

Chilean Miners: After Joyful Rescue, Facing Health Problems?

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Here's what we're checking out today:

Chilean Miners: What health problems will the rescued miners face? Forbes' David Whelan talks with a Pittsburgh doctor who has overseen medical rescue operations in mining disasters about potential trouble ahead, while the New York Times' Donald G. McNeil, Jr. presents a far more positive picture of the miners' health.   

Medicare Fraud: In one of the nation's largest Medicare fraud cases, the feds have indicted dozens of alleged members of an Armenian organized crime ring that allegedly bilked Medicare out of $35 million, according to the Wall St. Journal's Michael Rothfeld. Sound familiar? It should: back in July, officials nailed 94 suspected Medicare fraudsters in five cities.

Health Reform: If you're covering health reform's rollout at the local or state level, you'll want to check out the Alliance for Health Reform's wonky but useful new guide to who plays what role and under what rules.

Urgent Care: Urgent care centers may be good for patients but bad for health reform, argues Bnet health business blogger Ken Terry. This is a good entrée to any local story about health reform's rollout.

Nutrition: Why does the federal government subsidize high-fructose corn syrup but tax imported vegetables?  "One hand encourageth healthy eating, whilst the other taxeth the living daylights out of it," writes the anonymous medical student who pens the Notwithstanding Blog.

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