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Community clinic woes, sledding scars, and health reform politicking: The ReportingonHealth Daily Briefing

Community clinic woes, sledding scars, and health reform politicking: The ReportingonHealth Daily Briefing

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Here's what we're reading and listening to today:

Healthy Places: Los Angeles is using some of its stimulus money to make low-income neighborhoods healthier places to live by improving parks, creating community gardens and improving school lunches among other projects, reports Megan Baier, a correspondent for Healthy California.

Health Reform: Kathleen Sebelius faces some potentially tricky political maneuvering as HHS develops regulations governing insurers' new medical loss ratios, Politico reports. Jennifer Haberkorn's story also illuminates the quiet but powerful role that the National Association of Health Insurance Commissioners is playing in developing the complex but critically important regulations that insurers will have to follow.

Aging in Place: NPR kicks off a four-day series on senior "villages," an organized network of volunteers who work to help seniors to stay in their own homes.

Sled Safe: Who knew that wholesome snow-sledding could injure some 20,000 kids a year? Um, the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission's National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. No word on whether a ban on texting-while-sledding is in the works.

Community Clinics: State budget woes might force California's community clinics to raise their fees or cut services as the state starts handing out Medi-Cal IOU checks in the next few weeks, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune's Rebecca Kimitch reports.


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Scientists in an attempt to better understand the process of HIV
transmission have found that HIV-1 in semen is different than HIV-1 in

According to media reports, the team of researchers, from the University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine
Research in the United Kingdom and the Baylor Pediatric Center of
Excellence (Malawi), published their findings in the Aug. 19 online edition
of the journal PLoS Pathogens.

Scientists in their research have compared the gene encoding the major
surface protein of HIV1 in semen and blood.

Reports a correspondent of HealthDay


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