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Contraindications: Dr. Kamal F. Aboulhosn

Contraindications: Dr. Kamal F. Aboulhosn

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Doctors see a lot of naked people.

It starts in medical school when they see a lot of dead naked people, and one would think that after cutting into a cadaver and examining body parts in great detail a naked body would lose a little of its allure.

Not so for Dr. Kamal F. Aboulhosn of Yakima, Wash.

Aboulhosn, according to the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission, had a problem keeping his hands, among other things, off his patients.

A plastic surgeon since 1985, he specialized in breast implants. In 1994, he rubbed his genitals up against a patient after calling her his "little pumpkin" and telling her, "You will look like a teenager." Instead, she ended up with scars and, after more surgery, more scars.

In 1999, he rubbed his crotch against two patients' legs, according to the commission. One of these patients was recovering from breast cancer and was hoping to have him reconstruct her breasts following a lumpectomy. In both cases, the women said they didn't like the results of his surgeries, either.

Unhappy patients continued to complain about Aboulhosn's work: leaky implants, misshapen breasts, deep vein thrombosis, more scarring. One woman had trouble walking after her surgery.

Medical board documents often refer to patients by letters to keep them anonymous. In a typical set of charges against a doctor, you will see a Patient A, a Patient B and a patient C. In Aboulhosn's case, the commission had testimony from nine patients A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I. Anyone interested in tracking down those patients would be wise to check the state of Washington's court search page. Aboulhosn has one active malpractice case filed in 2006 and several other suits.

Finally in November 2007, the commission filed charges against Aboulhosn. He did not respond. So, in April 2008, the commission revoked his license.


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I was a patient of Dr. Abolhosn's in 1992 at 26 years old, and I thought the Dr. was incredibly respectful and he did a fabulous job giving me breasts that, unfortunately I was not born with. I had no complications, and the job was very well done. I also confidently took my baby daughter to him after she was badly burned, for a consultation. I do not want to say that women are lying. But I saw him to be a wonderful family man with lovely daughters that went to Christian school with my daughters. He and his wife were philanthropists in the community. He behaved 100% appropriately with me. I hope these allegations were proven beyond a reasonable doubt. It would be horrible if he was falsely accused by women with dollar signs in their eyes. With my experience being so different, it seems to me like that very well may be possible

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