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Could Lap-Band Obesity Surgery Risks Outweigh Benefits?

Could Lap-Band Obesity Surgery Risks Outweigh Benefits?

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The risks of Lap-Band weight loss surgery may outweigh its benefits, a new study suggests, even as the FDA recently approved the gastric banding procedure for a larger group of overweight people. Read Antidote blogger William Heisel's posts on inappropriate Lap-Band marketing.

Environmental Health: Did government health and environmental officials conspire with a developer to cover up health risks from development at Hunter's Point, one of San Francisco's poorest communities? The Bay Citizen's John Upton reports on a new investigation.

Transportation Woes: Meanwhile, heavier Americans are forcing federal officials to consider revamping bus weight load and safety rules, potentially meaning fewer seats per bus in the future.

Health Reform: Seniors have saved about $40 million in brand-name prescription costs since a Medicare provision of last year's health reform law went into effect, Jason Millman reports for The Hill's Healthwatch blog.

Japan: In addition to monitoring fish and other foods from Japan for radiation, the FDA said it also will scrutinize imports of Japan-made prescription medications for radiation, Katherine Hobson reports for The Wall St. Journal.

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