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Could a Redesigned Supermarket Help People Lose Weight?

Could a Redesigned Supermarket Help People Lose Weight?

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Urgent Care: Stephanie Stephens examines Southern Californians' rising use of urgent care centers for California Healthline, noting that "the average wait time for non-emergency care at a Los Angeles County hospital without a fast-track triage system is seven hours."

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Food Policy:

Sarah Rich reports for the Atlantic on how redesigning supermarkets might help us eat healthier (and possibly reduce obesity in the United States). Or you could just spy on Texas kids' school lunch trays to monitor what they're eating.

Health Reform: In a delicate balancing act, probable Presidential candidate and former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney defends his own state's health reforms, but wants to abolish the current national health reform law, Matt Viser reports for the Boston Globe.

HIV/AIDS: A nine-country study finds that treating HIV-infected people very early can dramatically improve their chances of not infecting others.

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