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Did the Boston Herald Botch Its Illegal Immigrant Health Story?

Did the Boston Herald Botch Its Illegal Immigrant Health Story?

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Happy Halloween! Don't eat too much candy, or you'll wind up like this poor pumpkin. Here's what we're checking out today:

Credit: Sylvia Ulloa
Immigrant Health: CommonHealth's Carey Goldberg reports on a controversy over the Boston Herald's coverage of the health care costs of illegal immigrants. Did the paper get its facts wrong?

Breast Cancer: The Baltimore Sun's Janet Gilbert gets the "lede of the day" award for this start to her very personal column on breast cancer awareness: " Please stop reading this if you are not interested in my breasts. (Now there's a topic sentence that might not make it past an editor.)"

Medicare Fraud: Walecia Konrad of the New York Times offers some illuminating backstory and context to the recent arrests of alleged Armenian-American crime syndicate members accused of a massive Medicare scam.

Health Reform: Kaiser Health News offers a roundup of news on how health reform issues are shaping the midterm elections.

Health Insurance: It was bound to happen. Now a Florida company is offering specialized insurance to guard against the possibility of "catastrophic" complications from surgery, playing off consumer concerns about medical errors.

Photo credit: Sylvia Ulloa

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