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Disney's Newborn Marketing Push in Maternity Wards

Disney's Newborn Marketing Push in Maternity Wards

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Here's what we're checking out at Reporting on Health today:

Baby Minnie

Newborn Marketing:

Not exactly Mickey Mouse marketing: Disney is invading the maternity ward with freebies for new moms and their newborns, raising ethical questions, reports Brooks Barnes for the New York Times.

Common Cold: NPR's Patti Neighmond uses her personal experience to examine why some people get colds and others don't. Does age play a role?

Health Reform: The Health Reform GPS blog (no relation to Reporting on Health's Career GPS blog) examines a new Health Affairs article's findings on how people with income that varies over a year might find themselves slipping in and out of coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Also, Jonathan Cohn of the New Republic weighs in on the true costs of health reform.

Adolescent Health: At the Kevin, M.D. blog, Lorelei Armstrong is disturbed by some of the questions she sees teenagers asking – and answering – on Yahoo! Answers. What are the implications for doctors and parents?

Alternative Medicine: David Gorski of the Science-Based Medicine blog outlines the good, the bad and the ugly of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine's new strategic plan.

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